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May 06, 2009


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I first used Dr. Bronners soap in 1970 when I lived at Earth Peoples Park. 600 acres of communal land in Vermont.
I have used it now for almost 40 years with the peppermint being my favorite.
Some viewed Dr. Bronner as a "lunatic", heck he was preaching that we are "All One", and how crazy is THAT? He said we are all in this together and that we should be bringing love to our enemies, that we are all of the same creator and should embrace the earth, eat healthy and love each other. Lots of crazy there.
He rambled and talked this everywhere he went and was actually put in Elgin Insane Asylum ( the actual name of it until the 50's) in Ill. until he escaped in 1946 after shock treatments.
He gave talks on his beliefs and gave away soap to anyone who would come and listen to him speak. When he realized people were taking the soap and just leaving, he started putting his beliefs on the labels.

His parents were murdered in the death camps in Germany during ww2.
His company has championed the organic movement, created the foam that puts out fires, and fought back when George Bush the 1st wanted to stop production of hemp as agriculture.

It's all rather interesting and you can read about it all on the website

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