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September 28, 2009


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i have the hot pink ones! i wore them to the Journey concert on saturday with my new tutu and grey fedora. now that i think about it, that outfit should be dedicated to you since you inspired the tutu and shared the hat. i think i will call it my "twinkle" outfit!


What I like about her, is that she is quirky, and has her own sense of style. She looks young...and fresh.


I can't wait to see her new movie! She really looks good in these photos!

Melissa N.

She is fun, quirky and it comes through in her fashion - I'm not sure anyone else could pull off what she can. (Susan braclet)

trisha too

she's just adorable. i've loved her ever since et!



Her first outfit is amazing. I'm glad her hair is back to blonde. She did something a little funky with it awhile ago....glad it's back to normal. :)

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