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October 28, 2009


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I think hubs should listen to his stylist...she's very wise! Although, I'm not hating the black sneakers. Painters pants need to go. Definitely!


ahahahahahaa. this is great.


You should feel lucky having a live-in stylist... If you were sporting the painters pants, wrap-around sunglasses, and no lace leather shoes all at the same time I might go into shock. :)

~ Signed,
APP (Against Painters Pants)


Pisan, what are you doing to yourself? Think of it this way, painter pants ='s mom jeans, wrap around glasses ='s I-Rock and the shoes =’s shuffle board, not that there’s anything wrong with it but you're certainly shnazzier than mom jeans, I promise!

Brooke Toma

Okay, I have to agree with Sara on these points...the sneakers def need to be dead and buried for sure, the carpenter denim is nowhere near as bad as my biggest pet peeve..... the high waisted, stone washed pair of Levi's...OMG, a friend of mine actually tried to set me up last week with a guy who was wearing them...did she just meet me????C'mon now!


Ray Bans are cool, I wear them too. Think you could do better with the jeans though, maybe a pair of Wranglers. :)


anthony, listen to sara. she knows what she's talking about. really. (i think i threw up a little in my mouth when i saw those black sneakers)


but not too shabby of a writer, though. nice post, anthony.

Brian Bender

After 20 years in the Navy, I can relate to being sharp and crisp at all times. Now, retired, I am in a constant state of revolt to my former life - living proof in my post retirement career as an Organic Farmer. So - my comment is two-fold: 1)As a former sharp-dressed man who now epitomizes casual daily, all the above items are well within the scope of daily garb for a 'guy'. 2)As a man who values the delicate balance between significant other (which I currently do not have) and my sanity, health, and happy existence - I would side on the live-in stylist....I humbly submit to the latter.

crista bell

Hahaha this was too cute, and i would toss out those shades... the other two, comfort sometimes does take all :)

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