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October 29, 2009


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Jenn Petito

what a beautiful ring!!


my friends parents have one of those crazy space-like showers! its pretty cool :) beautiful ring, thanks for the opportunity!!

Patricia J.

I love the milk glass in this piece!

Rain-dome shower sounds awesome.

Patti Sherman

What a great idea for a ring. I live on the border of Loudonville and whould love to see that shower!!

Melissa N.

Beautiful ring! I could live in that tub btw :) lol


So pretty, would love to wear this ring with a nice sweater and jeans, but now in the shower! :)


ooo pretty


Love blue & white, goes with anything I own!


Me gusta!!

Linda Kish

The necklace is beautiful!

lkish77123 at gmail dot com


Gorgeous ring I'd love to win the blue and white is sooo pretty together.Thanks for the lovely giveaway.Helen

Heather F.

How pretty! Lovely for the holidays coming up!

mary richerson

Pretty ring!

Start To Finish Supplies

Yay! Great giveaway! I hope I win :)


Matches my eyes!


Love the ring AND the shower!

Sheila Richerson

What a great looking shower. Love the ring.


would love this ring!


That ring is gorgeous! I'd wear that everyday if I could!

Amber G

What a beautiful ring! I would be thrilled to win!

trisha too

this is so much fun--gotta love this ring!

forget the cocktail party, and wear it all the time, right??

Julie (Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique)

What a fabulous ring, I'm glad I stopped by!


What a gorgeous ring, thanks for the chance to win it! :)


Who would have thought - designed/inspired by a guy that wears painter pants and slip-on leather sneakers :) Would love to win!

Deb K

Beautiful Ring~Thanks for the chance to win :)

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