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November 18, 2009


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What a wonderful source! I have a friend who is vegan, so these recipes will be helpful. Any way Don can tell us how or where she gets her ingredients?

Lindsay {Shrimp}

I am definitely going to start reading your cooking blog, Don. I often find myself wishing there were more vegetarian-focused sites out there. I live by the New Moosewood Cookbook but am always on the lookout for some new option You've also motivated me to start going back to yoga every now and again!


Good Morning, it's Don. Thanks for sharing my site with your friend Lisa; I'm sure you'll find stuff in there that you'd enjoy too. I test all of my recipes out on a meat eating, food loving coworker who is NOT afraid to give me the truth, along with my husband and family of course.

I first will buy my ingredients at a local co-op, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s then, in efforts to save money I will shop online. Buying in bulk, whenever and wherever you can is a GREAT money saver and I’ve found that most main stream grocery stores are picking up on this idea. Buying spices in bulk especially is a great idea. You can buy them whole, use a coffee grinder to grind the spice and store in your own containers! Oh so green and oh so delicious to have fresh ground spices; it truly makes a difference. I also purchase all of my oats, quinoa, beans, lentils (oh the list goes on) in bulk. I save any glass jars and reuse for storage, makes for a pretty display as well. Here's a GREAT site for purchasing raw honey, agave nectar, organic refined EV Coconut Oil Vita Cost has been cheapest that I’ve found these items online. Hope this helps! Any questions along the way, feel free to leave a comment on my blog or send me an email @ – happy cookin!


Ohh Lindsay, I love hearing that. I find so much serenity and calmness on my mat. I finally just bought one of the Yogitoes, check amazing here, it really is worth the money and keeps you from slip sliding away. It's so good to give time to yourself :) Thanks for continuing to read my blog, if there are any recipes that you're looking for just let me know. I love cooking and testing new recipes! I'm also going to check out the Moosewood book, very exciting!


whoops.. check Amazon for the Yogitoes


Hi Don...

Well, let me start by saying that you are an insperation to all with your cooking. To other readers and bloggers. While the concept of cooking with healthy ingredients and still tasting good sounds too good to be true. It is not. I now prefer a good Quinoa salad to a bowl of pasta... thanks to your receipes Don, you have made eating fun, yummy, and slimming. Thank you :D

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