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March 18, 2010


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I am entirely with you. Lifestyle change as opposed to a diet is key, and the only way to maintain the positive results! Healthy body, healthy mind....the two are inextricably linked. Smart food choices and activities that detoxify and stimulate the mind work for me! I swear, absolutely swear, by the benefits of yoga...tones, detoxifies to an amazing degree, motivates, creates positivity that you feel compelled to pay forward AND leaves me feeling pretty and graceful:)

I have a book on order called Bad Science. I've heard great things about this book and how it educates as to good food choices and dispels the food/health myths and fads that the media creates. Can't wait for it to arrive!


Great post!

I just bought my first ipod (I think I am the last one on earth to do so!) and I decided on the Touch so I could get the apps. I also use "Lose it". I love it! I love that it gives me the calorie "budget" for the day and lets me know where I am for calories eaten and calories burned for exercise.

I got a nice bike ride in over the weekend...and I totally agree with surrounding yourself with those in the same outlook.

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